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My wrist braved the angry shards of a Wood Green shop window
To bring you this black iPod, my darling
My feet smacked down a pavement wet with human tears
As I dodged the tutting rat-claws of a copper
With fingers of a croupier my lungs plucked air from smoke
Propelled me down the alleyway that delivered me
And now I stand before you, the kid you stick your lust on
And my actions as related make you squeal

I thrust my naked pimple arm in the teeth of a busted window
To fetch memories to tell our forgone child
There's nothing I like more than to feel right in spite of people
And the joys birthed on that crazy day were many
My fingers left a legacy of burger sauce on the half brick
That served us with such gallantry and force
The party atmosphere had grease to rival any coke
And we howled like dogs with perfect strangers
The laughing eye contact said all the rest

Click the heels of my recall and I'm transported
I'll never feel so wide awake again
Was like a weight you never knew was there got lifted off your head
And your mind went HD on the lookout for signs of loot or danger
And in your chest a pounding fist like a bailiff wanting access
But there was no debt, we got this stuff for free
But the corners of this pyramid, high or low, share fundamentals
A dose of saints and a dose of opportunists
And it feels new - the playground we discover
In those regions of behaviour no one visits
The last untouched frontier in a world that otherwise bores us to death


from Four Tracks, released March 19, 2013



all rights reserved


The Best of British Suicide London, UK

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